Thursday, April 29, 2010

Well, this post isn't very weird though it is weird to be posting again after so many years. The aim was to add little tidbits of ideas that were interesting or queer but didn't seem to fit into any story ideas. Lists were one such thing, especially about Ukraine. However many things have changed, for one Ukraine is no longer my home and new projects got started and this blog got left to the way side without really developing as originally planned. Now it seems time to try and contribute to it on a regular basis, mentioning anything new happening in my writing and posting little odd things that come to mind which just wouldn't fit anywhere else.

Since the last post, there have been a few changes, as mentioned above. The biggest of which was that a lot of the sites where you could read my work are no longer up. Fables was the biggest tragedy. It was sad to see that one go. Megan Miller was the only editor who never sent me a rejection letter, publishing a total of 8 stories with them. As well, there was tons of great work by other imaginative authors. The old version of the Rose and Thorn is also no longer available and so goes 'Metal, Bark and Whispers Soup' into oblivion, the one story that was nominated for the Pushcart Prize. It would also be nice to see 'What the Fisher did not see' up again. That is one of my personal favorites. It was briefly available at the Writer's Hood before they went down.

The reason that the Internet seemed at first to be such a great medium in which to publish was that work would always be available to those who sought it, but that isn't always the case. Any site can disappear and with it lots of great stories. All that would remain of them would be the few copies, if any, that were printed out or saved to a hard drive somewhere.

Then Geocities closed. After that my site with links to stories and translations was lost but thankfully most of the site was preserved at web rings.

Now the focus is on getting those stories that were previously published in places like Fables, and which are no longer available, made available again. The easiest way to do that would be to put them here but as no one reads this blog as yet, the tales would be better served if they were placed somewhere with more traffic. As new homes are found for them updates will be made.

As far as my writing goes, it's been mostly work on novel length stories, some of which are based on fairy tales that were written in the past. However, within the last couple of weeks, a lot of time has been spent reviewing my fairy tales stories. There are literally hundreds of tales written over a span of almost 20 years. It would be nice to go through them all, do some editing and rewriting and then send them out there so people can read them.

Anyway, If anyone out there does read this: well...thanks for taking the time.